Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I don't know, do we need the South?

There is now, apparently, an argument to be made for Democrats campaigning and trying to win southern states in a national election. Ed Kilgore over at NewDonkey.com makes a convincing enough case except for:

As Ron Brownstein persuasively argues today, Democrats start every presidential election at a serious disadvantage if they are simply playing defense in a host of "blue states" while trying to pick off one or two key "red states."
I think it kind of missing the point about electoral politics, considering the GOP has to defend their red states, too. For more than a decade, the Democrats have not had a coherent message to hold their own turf and make in-roads into red territory. If we have our own base wrapped up (like say New York where the GOP doesn't even bother campaigning in national elections) we can work on turning the tide in certain states that trend our way. Matt Yglesias talks about how unimportant is really is to nominate a southerner next time round. I agree, geography plays very little role in candidate selection, unless you're a pundit on CNN. Then how tall someone is is a factor, for some reason. I still like my fuck the South plan best. Number one, they've already said fuck you to the Democrats anyway and number two, we're not going ot win there without becoming more 'right' than the GOP because that's what they want. New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada are all trending toward a more favorable elctorate for Democrats everyday, we should be concentrating on energizing our base to GOTV and making a lotof campaign stops in the Southwest. It's 29 more votes in the elctoral college that give us the win everytime using the current map. We don't really need Ohio or Florida. Until the leadership learns that, we're going to be stuck in neutral. I would also like to point out this fuck the south strategy is only for electoral politics. Many places in the South have very wizened Democratic campaigners that we should be supporting with copious funding from the DNC. My own congressional district, home of George W. Bush, has re-elected Democrat Chet Edwards. Next time, Edwards might not be so lucky, so we need to have funding and support for him, and others like him, ready to go in the next cycle.


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