Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I think I have a fan

I've noticed that a certain guy (which me and my fellow clerk Win have dubbed Andy Dick, because we think it's funny) keeps leaving me comments with a dissenting opinion. I love having debates with people. Nothing better to me than an argument between two people with opposing points of view. One of my favorite hobbies has to be going to Crawford to argue Social Security reform with old Republican WASPs. So I will, in the interest of my hobby, I point to some faults I find with his response.

I want the opposition party opposing everything and criticizing them for not going far enough when they agree, not being another "yes" man for a president which we don't likeThat is the very spirit that has caused the Democrats to be in the minority. But, hey, keep it going if you like. You're only hurting yourselves.
When, exactly, have Democrats opposed anything this president has proposed? I seem to remember even the Patriot Act passed the Senate 98-2! My whole point, which I thought was self-evident, was that we may have the image of the "obstructionist", but we don't do nearly enough to distinguish ourselves from the Republicans. We may whine a lot about how unfair things are, but we usually vote with the Republicans on hot-button issues. The tax cuts for example. I don't want us to be obstructionists, really. I want us to be the opposition. I want us to present and argue for solutions which favor most Americans and not just the wealthiest. Most of all, I want us to be willing to fight losing battles. Fortune favors the bold. If all we do is vote safely, I don't want to support Democrats anymore, because then the Democratic party does not represent me. There is nothing wrong with working with Republicans, but that is not what they want. They want us to work for them. They shut us out of committee meetings and leadership conferences unless we go Zell Miller for them. Besides, I seriously doubt the Democratic base will rally around a guy who caves and votes with the Republicans most of the time.


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