Sunday, November 21, 2004

I think we're turning the corner

As a party, the Democrats have had to deal with a lot of public soul searching the last few weeks. And after losing, there is obviously a desire to ask "what went wrong?" But, after reading this BOR post, I think we are heading out of the tunnel back into the light.

The temptation is to say "no, because unlike previous generations of Democrats, frankly, we suck." And that temptation can be an awfully strong one. Nonetheless, I happen to think the answer is not "no," but "yes, we are!"
We need to understand all of the things we have done wrong, but we also need to understand what it is that we did right. We got 56 million people to the polls on Election Day. That is freakin' incredible. Whatever we did to get that many people there, we need to replicate on a regular basis. Every cloud has a silver lining. Every rose has its thorn. Ours is that we are a minority only because of 3 percentage points. That makes us very competitive and on the cusp of winning.


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