Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm going to take a nap

Here is the latest map that has not allocated New Mexico, Iowa or Ohio. what I heard on NPR on the drive home is that New Mexico has not been called for very good reason. Many of the totals reported do no include absentee or provisional ballots. And the heavily Democratic north's returns are coming in late. So Kerry could squeak out a win there. He could also win in Iowa, where he has a slim lead. And Ohio is not outside the realm of possibility. As it stands now, Bush is ahead 254-252. If Kerry wins all three states it will be Kerry 284-254. If Kerry wins Ohio and Iowa, but loses New Mexico, it will be 279-259. If Kerry wins Iowa and New Mexico but loses Ohio, it is Bush 274-264. If Kerry wins only Ohio (the least likely scenario out of all of this, I think) it is Kerry 272-266. So it all comes down to Ohio. Even though there are possible lawsuits to recount in Florida and Nevada, I think Ohio is where the focus will remain to the exclusion of all else. And we have to win. All the money that we gave is going to this. If you are religious, pray. If not, now might be a good time to get religion.


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