Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm not drunk enough, the elephant stil looks blue

Since the election, I've been a little more receptive to Thomas Frank and George Lakoff (Kevin Pollack... not so much). So it's no surprise that I read this Lakoff piece in The Nation Online as soon as I saw it. Lakoff writes:

The Democrats' failure was a failure to put forth our moral vision, celebrate our values and principles, and shout them out loud.

We must immediately convince our leaders to unite behind these values, express our common moral vision and hold the line against the Bush agenda because it is immoral! Bush will call them obstructionists. They must frame themselves as heading in the right direction, going forward not backward, defending the greatest of American ideals and moral principles, working against a radical right agenda that would lead our country to disaster and speaking for more than 55 million highly moral, patriotic Americans.

Because I've been receptive to a new way of thinking about messaging, this strikes me as a good way to go about consolidating our base and attracting new voters to our party. My new mantra has been that 40% of voting age people did not show up on Election Day. Why can't we pare off some of those people in key states and win the White House?

It's not as easy as that, but with enough money and some fucking message discipline (I'm tired of Kerry campaign insiders talking about the shit goes on behind closed doors), we could probably pull it off in 2008. That relies heavily on a smooth enough primary season with a strong candidate coming out early on and near-record fund-raising. Not to mention building the Democratic Party infrastructure from the ground up independently of the presidential campaign.

But we can do it.


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