Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'm really conflicted

I'm really conflicted about the Gonzales nomination. I know I don't like Gonzales, I wouldn't like anyone who doesn't think the Geneva Conventions apply to us as well as other countries. And I know he's given some bad advice, legal advice, to Bush over the years. But then there's this:

As a member of the court, Gonzales ruled with the majority that some teenage girls should not be required to get parental permission for an abortion.

In his opinion on the ruling, Gonzales wrote, "While the ramifications of such a law may be personally troubling to me as a parent, it is my obligation as a judge to impartially apply the laws of this state without imposing my moral view on the decisions of the legislature."

That has to be the most intelligent thing I've heard from a Republican in four years.

So you can see my conflict. The really confusing thing has to be that the Christian Right doesn't seem to like him. Whether it's because of the color of his skin or because

Said (Judie) Brown, "Gonzales' position is clear: The personhood of the pre-born human being is secondary to technical points of law, and that is a deadly perspective for anyone to take."
I don't really know. He obviously needs to be rigorously questioned about his beliefs on the legality of torture and the legal dispensation of American citizens' rights in the war on terror, but if he gives no real controversial answers, I'm not seeing a negative to Democrats approving his appointment.

I understand that he is not being considered for the Bench. At least not yet. But his views in past rulings and in these interviews could shed light on a person who could head Justice. If someone has a firm grasp of the legal framework under which we live, but disagrees with me on certain elements, then I can work with them to find a solution to a problem. I can't work with someone who wants some kind of God's Law to rule us all and freaks out everytime he sees a statue's tit.


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