Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm so conflicted

There are two stories on Raw Story that have me both really happy and really pissed. The top story is that Vilsack is no longer seeking the chair of the DNC. That leaves Dean with the best shot at it, which is what I think really needs to happen. We've been here before though, so I'm not going to quit campaigning for him and hopefully we'll find a place inside for Simon Rosenberg, too. This will give us the boost we need, a shot in the arm, if you will, to get our party ready for '08. With Dean at the head of the DNC, Hillary is probably going to rethink her running for the nomination, which is another good thing. Good things will come from this. Just what the doctor ordered. The other story is that Tom DeLay is probably going to escape indictment. According to CBS News, there just is not enough evidence that DeLay "acted to promote" the illegal activity with which his close associates who have already been indicted were allegedly taking part in.

“To indict and prosecute someone, we have to be able to show not just that they were aware of something,” the official explained. “We have to show that they engaged in enough conduct to make them party to the offense.”
If we're lucky, we can use the trials and the evidence being presented in it to show DeLay was aware of the illegal activities when he runs for re-election in 2006. It pisses me off because his lawyers know he isn't going to be indicted. I'd like to see Ronny Erles sue his ass though. I think he might have defamation of character cause and anything to get DeLay defending himself in court makes me happy. The universe has a funny way of balancing itself.


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