Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I'm with this all the way

Paul Waldman is here to rally the party around one thing: Social Security. There is every reason to believe that Bush will try to privatize Social Security this term so he's right, we need to be ready. The really bad thing about Bush's plan is that he doesn' want to privatize Social Security, he want to partially-privatize it. That means operating a private account and the government entitlement at the same time, which only adds another trillion dollars to the tab, but what the hey. Anything worth doing is worth doing partially. Waldman is all about coming up with new buzz phrases to describe what the Repubs want to do. My favorite "Taking the Security out of Social Security." I see a $30 million ad campaign blasting that in every state in the Union. He also ends his post with this:

So let's get one thing clear: the first Democratic leader who proposes some kind of let-me-bend-over-for-you-Mr. President, would-it-be-OK-if-we-just-privatized-it-a-little compromise should be run out of town and out of the Democratic Party. Everyone agrees that Democrats need to stand for something, and if they can't stand for Social Security they don't deserve to call themselves Democrats.
Amen, brother.


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