Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's over

I woke up at noon to the news that John Kerry was going to be giving his concession speech shortly. I'm happy that we've been spared a long national drama, but I'm very sad that it has to end this way. I'm very ambivalent about another four years of George Bush. In fact, Pete and I were joking last night that Toronto is a nice place to live since we don't really want to get drafted to go to Iraq. As depressed as I am, I can guarantee you we here at Common Sense will continue to write about what's really going on. All of the scandals that were swept under the rug will come out now. All of the little things people were going to overlook because of the election we're going to shine a bright light on. We're going to make it very hard for Bush to continue on the path he has chosen. That's the Common Sense guarantee.


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