Thursday, November 11, 2004

Just for my clarification

I was just reading Political Animal and I came across a post from Kevin on abortion rights and possible erroneous Bible quoting. I know I may have a few new readers, so I want to clarify my postion on the whole issue. I hate abortion. I don't like it and I don't want people to do it. Abortion would never be a consideration in any relationship I'm ever in. I don't know of anyone in my family who would consider it. I'm pro-Choice. That seems to be a contradiction only because of how the GOP has been able to frame the issue. My understanding of the Roe v Wade decision is that, like it or not, abortion is a right. Republicans have been able to use this as a wedge issue, part of those moral values, to get people who would otherwise vote Democrat to vote Republican. Don't believe me, read Thomas Frank's What the Matter With Kansas? Abortion is a health issue, it is a personal rights issue, but above all, it is a personal issue. Having people like Sen.-elect Tom Coburn, who sterilized a female patient against her will, decide what should be between a woman, her family, her doctor and God is unconsionable. In fact, I find it morally repugnant. As a Democrat, I believe government is a force of good in people's lives. Government builds roads and schools. It educates children and can help people own their own home and raise their family in a safe environment without crime. But government is not a force of good when it tries to take people's rights away. Government should give people more rights and more freedoms, not tell whole groups of people they don't get to marry who they want or work where they want or live where they want. That's why I am a liberal. That's why I am a Democrat, and that's why I am proud of it.


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