Sunday, November 14, 2004

Justus et pius

David Shuster has something a little harsh over at Hardblogger, but it is something we Democrats need to read. Shuster points out the raw vote numbers show that, minus the Nader 2000 voters, Kerry only got 1 million new voters than Al Gore while Bush got 9.5 million new voters. Shuster attributes this to the massive GOTV effort by the Republicans. David also points out that third-party groups spent hundred of millions of dollars to get out the vote for the Dems, but it just couldn't compare to the "all politics is local" brand of GOP canvassing. He goes on to priase the Dean campaign for its netroots-style GOTV effort. I will say this many times over the course of the next few months, we need someone at the DNC who knows how to fund-raise and do this sort of local politicking. We need to spend tons of money to get Democrats to go door-to-door in their area repeating the Democrat message (once we actually have one) to GOTV. There are Democrats everywhere. There are Democrats here in McLennan County Texas. There are Democrats in Crawford for chrissake. And they could be knocking on doors rght now asking "Did you know..."


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