Monday, November 29, 2004

Keeping hope alive

The Longhorns closed the gap in the BCS computer rankings today. That means if Cal loses to Southern Mississippi or at least plays very badly, Texas could pass them in the rankings and get the at-large berth for a BCS bowl game. The difference in payoff between a BCS bowl game and a regular bowl game is in the $10 million dollar range, so you know you gotta want it bad. Texas has been so screwed by the BCS system, I can't think of a Longhorn fan that doesn't hate the system. In 2001, Texas was ranked third, but lost a chance to play for the national title when they lost to Colorado in the Big 12 Championship. Last year, they were ranked fifth, but Oklahoma lost to Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship, which sent Texas plummeting in the polls because of their loss to Oklahoma earlier in the season. Both times Texas ended up at the Holiday Bowl. If they don't get the BCS berth, they'll more than likely play in the Cotton Bowl, which is falling apart and has a very odd smell. Texas has literally been screwed over more than any other team in the BCS system, and we may lose another shot because of Utah and Cal, while the winner of the Big East has three losses and gets an automatic berth. Things need to be changed.


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