Sunday, November 14, 2004

Let the Inquisition begin

"Let's face it, you can't Tachamada anything." Classic Mel Brooks line not withstanding, Bush now plans to purge the CIA of those "disloyal" to him during the campaign. You know, those guys who let really inconvenient facts like no killing Zarqawi before the invasion because it would ruin our rationale for war, the analysts who insisted that they put caveats in their reoprts and the reports of Iran being more dangerous than Iraq. No one really suspected they would survive a re-election, but they did it anyway to unseat him and get this car going down the "right track" to fight terrorists. Racists in Alabama would have none of it. Bush won re-election and Porter Goss is head of the CIA. And he wants more partisan Republicans in key positions. 'Don't know anything about intelligence analysis? No problem, you're dad is my tennis buddy at the Club.' In fact, the less-educated and more religious the better. Hey. I've got a great idea. Let's start a Secret Police force that goes around killing people we deem as "evil". We'll call them the 'assines', it'll be great. Don't worry, Our secret police won't be as bad as the ones in Russia or under Saddam. I mean, come on, we're America. I swear, these people look more and more like Nazis to me everyday. That's not very PC but I totally get a fascist vibe from some of them. I get worried every time I rent Apocalypse Now I'm going to be arrested by Homeland Security agents because they think my renting the tape is training to kill the president, or something. I'm a citizen in the greatest democracy in the world; I shouldn't have to worry about things like this. I should be able to relax, content in the knowledge that I am part of the decision-making process of our government. But that's not how it is working now.


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