Monday, November 15, 2004

Let's get this party started

I hate to use a phrase like "purge the party", but that is sort of what we have to do to get things going. I don't want to start expelling people from our party, but some of these people don't need to be in the positions of power that they hold. Josh Marshall has a post on this very subject.

And perhaps this is an element of the problem. It's just time for some of these folks to go -- not because they're bad people (though more than a few are opportunists and backstabbers) or they lack expertise but because the party needs some new blood. The lessons of the 70s and 80s or even the 90s are not directly relevant to today.
If your coach isn't winning any games, you at least have to think about replacing him, to sue a sports analogy. And if the best thing they can think of after losing an important presidential election is 'Go eat at Applebee's', then they need to go. I'll tell you what you learn about America by eating at Applebee's: Most people don't have time to cook because mommy and daddy are working two jobs apiece and still can't afford to send their kids to college. Fix that and you've got constituents for life because that's what most people care about. Themselves and their familes. Once we stop being the Not Republican Party and start being the party with solutions to life's problems we'll get those 40% who don't even bother voting to vote for us.


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