Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Liveblogging the Election

11:40 PM: I wish they would just call Ohio for Bush already. It's like having your tooth drilled. I just want it over with so I can start bitching abot voting irregularities and whatnot. But CNN is just dragging it out, not wanting to call it too soon. 11:11 PM: It comes down to who wins Ohio now, Bush is at 237, Kerry at 206. Kerry needs to retain Ohio and run the table now to get it and I don't see it happening. What appened to the huge turnout of cell-phone toting 19-29s? And what about the lawsuits filed left and right in Ohio? CNN is so far behind tonight, it's not even funny. 11:08 PM: With just under three quarters of precincts reporting, Edwards' margin remains intact, nad he won the very hostile Brazos county, so he is projected to be the winner. 10:57 PM: According to James Carville, Ohio is pretty much Bush's and that means the election is over, Bush wins. I really don't want to believe it. It's going to take a moment to really sink in until I get really angry or depressed at how close we came. 10:48 PM: Chet is keeping his lead, roughly 50-48% with 91 precincts reorting. 10:44 PM: Florida goes to Bush. It's not good, but if he holds onto all the Gore states and picks up one more, it's his. 10:11 PM: California has also been called for Kerry. It's looking more down-to-the-wire every minute, with Ohio and Florida giving the most headaches. 9:55 PM: "Doc" Anderson has a healthy lead in TX State-56 55-45% and Jim Dunnam looks like he will keep his seat, 58-42%. 9:53: It's still too close to call in the Daschle-Thune senate race. This one could take all night, especially with the pending court case that Daschle filed yesterday morning. 9:50 PM: NBC has just called Pennsylvania for Kerry. At this point, Ohio is the real mystery. If it goes to Kerry, then Bush has to scramble and start winning the Little Three states, Iowa, New Mexico at least. And all that's assuming Bush wins Florida, which is still to close to call. 9:39 PM: The election seems to be taking forever, but just wait till those returns come in from the really populous states. At this point, I think Kerry can absorb a loss in Florida if he still carries Ohio and Pennsylvania. 9:23 PM: AP has just moved a story calling Sessions the winner in the TX-32 race. 9:19 PM: Had some Internet problems, but I'm back. Bush is up 193-112 according to CNN. He's taking all the Midwest votes. Colorado ballot initiative failed, so all 9 votes will go to winner. 8:37 PM: Still waiting for results from the Big Three, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. Bush gains Mississippi and Louisiana and Wyoming, bringing the total to 170-112 for Bush. 8:03 PM: Kerry gains New york, Bush gains Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and hte Dakotas. Bush 155-112. 7:54 PM: With 3 precints reporting in the District 17 race, Chet has taken a 54-45% lead. Whoohoo. 7:48 PM: Hardblogger has this right now from White House reporters

"Discouragement" at the White House. That’s the term used by NBC’s White House Correspondent David Gregory in his 7:05 PM report, describing the reaction of President Bush’s “top advisors” in a war room within the war room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. David’s sources report a “tense” set of advisors, who have already determined an unwanted “tightness in the race,” not unlike what they saw in the waning days of the 2000 Gore-Bush vote.
Encouraging. 7:37 PM: With about 14, 651 votes in, Wohlgemonster is up by 30 points. 7:33 PM: CNN is projecting Coburn the winner in Oklahoma and that Virginia is going to Bush. Right now Bush has W. Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, S. Carolina and N. Carolina. It's the numbers that come out of Ohio Wisconsin and Florida that really matter now. 7:25 PM: Right now Arlene is up 50.30% to 49.11% over Chet in TX 17. 7:10 PM: Yea, the Mighty Obama has won Illinois. Also, New Jersey has been called for Kerry. Chalk up 15 more votes. 7:01 PM: Several states have now been called by CNN bringing the total to Kerry 77- Bush 66. Unsurprisingly both Maine and Vermont have been called for Kerry while Kentucky has gone to Bush along with Indiana. 6:35 PM: The total is now Bush 39- Kerry 3. 6:30 PM: CNN has just called West Virginia for Bush. Add 5 more to his column. We'll keep this going as long as it takes. All times are Central.


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