Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The new AG?

Albert Gonzales has been nominated to fill Ashcroft's big church shoes and take on the role of Attorney General. You may remember Gonzales because he is the chief White House counsel who argued that the war on terror "renders obsolete" the Geneva Conventions preventing torture. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. MSNBC doesn't seem to remember that, though. Hardblogger is all a-twitter about how great a Hispanic face is going to look in the war on terror. And they have not too unkind words for the departing Ashcroft:

“He did do a very good job after September the 11th of uniting the department to do its job, which was to bring cases to investigate, to prevent acts of terrorism, and to transform the Justice Department and especially the FBI into a preventive organization, rather than the after the fact, ‘Let‘s lock them up.’ I think, for that, he will get historical credit. Whatever his personal shortcomings were or with the White House... I think, in the long run his role as A.G. in transforming the FBI, along with Director Mueller, will be remembered as his major contribution.”
I'll admit they were quoting someone else, but why they were quoting a former federal prosecutor instead of someone at Judicial Watch, I'll never know. All that needs to be said of Ashcroft is 0 for 5000. That is his prosecutorial record in the war on terror. He arrested more thn 5000 people on terroism-related grounds, and he has not been able to convict a single one. Actually, he managed to get a few convictions, which were then overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct. No, history will judge John Ashcroft as Jesus-freak AG who was more obsessed with boobs and porn than ctually making us safer from terrorists. The man who lost a Senate race to a dead man then anointed himself in Crisco when he took over the Justice Dept. A weirdo.


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