Sunday, November 14, 2004

Not exactly national news

But BOR posted on it and so will I. The Texas Sect. of State, Geoff Conner, is resigning. Now, most of you may not care, but I do. Conner was at the center of a huge Internet rumor early in the year about Gov. Rick Perry being gay and his secret lover being Conner. There were stories about alleged flings and appointments based on relationship rather than ability and Perry's wife finding out and a possible resignation. It was much ado about nothing, because nothing ever came of it and it was over in a week. Turns out, though, that just about all of it was true... for the governor of New Jersey. McGreevey... Perry. you can see how some people may have gotten them confused. And New Jersey is adjacent to Texas. What can I say, the blogosphere was yong and stil learning how to break news. But I digress. Farewell Geoff, we hardly knew you.


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