Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Not Tommy too?

Even Tom Ridge is getting off this presidential Titanic. Every administration has an influx of new personell in teh second term, but so many of the key policy makers are leaving, including confidants like Don Evans and Karen Hughes, again, that you have wonder what's gong on. Anyone who has read Ron Suskind's book about former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill knows that W isn't the one making policy decisions. His lieutenants make policy and try to gauge his reaction and adjust policy to please him. Our entire tax cut policy was started because Larry Lindsay wanted tax cuts, and he told George we needed tax cuts and that tax cuts would fix everything. When that didn't work, he told him that tax cuts would fix those tax cuts, then Lindsay was fired leaving quite a mess, so someone else told George that a tax cuts would fix everything and that brings us to today. So with a new economic team, a new Attorney General, a new Secretary of State, a new Director of Central Intelligence and a new Secretary of Homeland Security, we're flying kind of blind as to what this new administration is going to do. We know what they think, but the strategy and the actually going about it part is a mystery. They could put a plan to privatize all of Social Security in front of Congress tomorrow for all I know.


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