Wednesday, November 10, 2004

One more thing to piss me off

Reading the list at DailyKos of prospective candidates for the DNC chair I was struck by one thing. The pussies in my own party. Quit your bitching, damnit! For most of the thread, Democrats either kvetch about Howard Dean being too left or the appearance of being too left, or they want a 3rd party to arise out of the middle ground between the two parties we already have to take over. Sheesh. I like several of the prospectives the AP has listed, but only one really has what it takes: Dean. I'm not saying that because I'm a Deaniac or because I want the party to go left, both of which are true. I'm supporting Dean because he can do the two things a chairman nees to do, fund-raise like a son-of-a-bitch and yell at Republicans on TV. That's it. Worrying about whether or not the GOP is going to attack us for picking Dean is just the kind of chickenshit thing we don't need. Grow some fucking balls! Guess what? The Republicans didn't like John Kerry. Does that mean 56 million of us were wrong. No, it just means that there weren't enough of us this time. The genius of Karl Rove is that he didn't get Democrats to like Bush and vote for him, he got people who didn't bother to vote last time to like Bush. Instead of appealing to Republicans to get more votes, how about we get somebody who can energize us to go after the 40% of the elctorate that didn't show up at the polls on election day!!!


At 8:39 PM, Blogger Mitch said...

I think you should have backed and run Howard Dean against Bush. The media WAY over worked that stupid, so called "scream" while those of us outside of the US wondered what the big deal was. Those of us who enjoy the wonders of universal health care wonder why the US, the mightiest nation (militarily) in the world just doesn't get it. Cut the military budget down to $338 billion and you still beat the rest of us in numbers of tanks, troops, trucks, and ships plus you'd have enough money to let anyone go to the hospital when they're sick. I like your blog, keep at it, we're counting on you to burn the bush in 2008.

At 2:01 AM, Blogger Nate said...

I did back Dean in the primaries, but, in hindsight, I really think he would have been blown away during the general election. The part of the party that needs the most work is our appeal on national security issues. Obviously we aren't where we would like to be, but Kerry made great inroads in that area.

I'm definitely going to back Dean for DNC chair. I think he would probably be the best figurehead and fund-raiser we could ask for. He has rock star status now, and he can use it to rake in the dough.

BTW, thanks for the positive feedback. I only wish more people read this thing, then I would feel like I'm actually accomplishing something. It's nice to know I really am, though.

I'm trying to write a "Democrat's New Years Resolutions" piece to put in either Washington Monthly or the Atlantic Monthly for December. I hope they'll publish it, if I ever get around to writing it. I've got so much real-world work right now, it's kind of difficult. But I will persist.

Be sure to drop a line at and their blog to nominate me for head of communications of the DNC. I probably won't get it, but it's the thought that counts. Besides, if I did, I would definitely kick some GOP ass.


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