Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Republican hijinx already

I heard this first on MSNBC, but Drudge has it as well. The GOP is going to file a suit because they claim the voting machines in 4 precincts already had a number of votes recorded on them. It just so happens that this is in heavily-Democratic Philly, too. Hmmm. It should be noted that DA in Philadelphia certified the machines as having been zeroed this morning before the polls opened, so I'm wondering how far this will go. The GOP is also claiming that in Florida the DNC has been harassing their "poll workers." Harassing the harassers? It's not like I can feel a lot of sympathy for a group of people who are challenging minorities to supress the vote and help their decrepit party hold onto power just a little bit longer. Florida is some weird mix of hope and frustration for Democrats. At least the weather is nice there today, that should help with turnout.


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