Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Return of the Clintonites

I've been very busy, so I just now finished reading last week's US News and World Report. Inside there was a small snippet about Hillary Clinton running in 2008 and using her Senate re-election campaign to get it started. This isn't the first time I've heard that, so I'm willing to give it the credence of being true, which leads to my next question. Why? What on earth makes her think that she can win? When Carol Mosley Braun threw her hat in the ring, I kind of took it for granted that she ws Hillary's dark horse candidate, testing the waters to see how well a female Democrat could do. Braun barely kept herself in the game and isn't even worth mentioning in Alexandra Pelosi's Diary of a Political Tourist. What in that campaign has set Hilary on the course. I'm sure she has some clout in the establishment, and has a fund-raising list somewhere to keep herself competitive in buying ads, but there is no way she's getting out of the primaries if a strong reform-minded candidate steps in, which I suspect will be the case. Hillary now represents the old-party platform. Centrist and willing to work with Republicans. If Dean gets the chairmanship, which I suspect he might, then she will be working against the grain of her own party, which never works. Plus, I don't see a lot of support for her among Democrats. Bloggers are more than likely going to play an even bigger role in the future and they are not the Hillary fans she needs fighting for her. And she is a polarizing figure. I don't see why middle America would vote for her when a moderate like John McCain may be on the ballot next time. In short, I give her ver, very poor odds of winning a primary let alone the general election. In fact, the only way I see her winning is if she runs against Coburn in the general election and he puts out bumper stickers that say "I hate Jews and Fags. Vote Coburn." Short of that, she's toast. So why run? President by Proxy for Bill? Fulfilling her own dreams of attaining high office? I don't know, but I'm not going to be supporting her. Nothing against her, but she is valuable as a senator, not a presidential candidate. She's going to lose and lose big, damaging her value as a senator and causing no end of trouble for the eventual nominee who is going to have to outspend her in the primaries for whatever attack ads she puts out. Long story short, Hillary in '08 = bad news for Democrats.


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