Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Rosenberg on the case

I like Simon Rosenberg. I think he is a litle too centrist for tastes, but then there is no accounting for taste. Simon is, however, very astute politically. He understands the modern politic, which is why I would not mind if he got the DNC chair. Ideally, it would be Dean with Rosenberg helping manage things. But I digress. Simon is full of piss and vinegar and he has something to say:

"John Kerry did not compete adequately for Hispanic votes, period," said Simon Rosenberg, founder and president of the centrist New Democrat Network, a political organization independent of the national Democratic Party. "If we don't reverse the gains that President Bush made, we can forget our hope of being a majority party again." Exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and television networks indicated Bush won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote, up from 35 percent in 2000. Kerry won 53 percent, down from 62 percent four years ago for Democrat Al Gore.
Simon then goes on to criticize the lack of an overall message for the Hispanic community. Let me make it clear, cause I know somebody will bring it up (Andy Dick perhaps?) Sosnik and the DLC criticize Kerry for not getting enough right-wing conservative votes, Rosenberg is criticizing Democrats for not getting Hispanic votes. You know, a group that usually votes for us. And Simon's right. We didn't do enough. My own Waco Trib did a story this weekend about just how much the Hispanic vote is becoming varied. We get great pullout quotes from some locals like
Victor Landa, regional director of the Southwest Voter Registration Project in San Antonio. "The message is that Latinos aren't in anybody's back pocket. ... What's exciting to me is that with more Latino Republicans, we're going to have a say in who the Republican nominee is."
They, of course, get about as much say as I, a liberal Democrat, do about who the Republican nominee is. But it points out that we need to reach out to the Hispanic community. The american Southwest is the future of the Democratic base, but not without the Hispanic vote. Unitl then, we're the minority party. Which brings us back to Simon. He obviously understands the need to pull in the Hispanic vote, the New Democrat Network spent $6 million on it. So he would not make a bad party chairman in my view. Though I have unwavering support for Dean, Simon is fully capable of doing the job. My Dean/Rosenberg leadership axis dream may come true, or it may not. But as long as one of them is there, we've got a good chance to make positive changes in our party.


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