Friday, November 12, 2004

Something old, something new

I've changed things around a little. I've added some new links on the right to help facilitate our education as a party and for some fun reading as well. You'll probably notice there is a link to the New Donkey Web site. Even though I am very angry with the DLC right now, I'll at least listen to what they have to say before I tell them to go "fuck yourself." I give people that oppurtunity, which is why I am a Democrat. There are also links to groups so we can get active and start raising all kinds of hell. Make sure you visit New Democrat Network, so you can see what kind of outstanding work they do over there. If my stat counter hits 2000 by the time I post tomorrow afternoon, I'll post a picture of CoCo, they former Delta flight attendant who is suing Bill Maher for $9 million dollars. So get your friends on here (none of that hitting Refresh a hundred times).


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