Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Speaking of elections

There are still some going on. That's right the fun isn't over yet. There are two races yet to be decided in Louisiana because of their quirky run-off elections. Charles Melancon (Dem) vs. Bill Tauzin III (Rep) and Willie Landry Mount (Dem) vs. Charles Boustany (Rep). The DCCC, which is up to its eyeballs in debt so why not spend more anyway, is holding a road trip canvassing drive. They will provide room and board for people who sign up to canvass for these two races and help get out the vote. I live fairly close to LA. so I might go myself, but I can't really afford ot miss work (the bank that owns my car doesn't like it if I don't have any money). So, like when there is a blood drive, I'm going to try and get two other people to go in my place to make up for my conspicuous absence. The way I see it, that would balance out the equation. I also haven't ruled out going, really. I just have to figure out how to miss work and get paid at the same time. If you sign up, please leave me an email, that way I know what's going on. And try to go. I understand if you can't, but that's two more seats in the House and that could really help us.


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