Friday, November 05, 2004

Strange machinations from both sides

I really wanted to have more time to write tonight, but circumstances make this the only probable post of the night. From the left, my people are talking about forming a shadow government to be a true opposition party against Bush and the Republicans. With the GOP lead in both houses, there is talk of changing the rules of cloture in the Senate to stop appointment blocking and running the government with an open mandate. So Democrats are looking to run a government themselves, since they won't be included in our government from now on. Sort of like a parliamentary system, except of course we have a republican form of democracy. And Republicans somehow have gotten more angry since the election. You would think they would be happy, but winning just makes them more angry it seems. The election is over, but they want to keep fighting and keep name-calling and whatnot. The election was supposed to end the divisiveness, but we have actually gotten more divided since Tuesday. I guess that is the clearest evidence that there is no mandate, but the GOP doesn't have to listen to people like me right now. It's not true of everyone, obviously. My friend Brice is a Republican, but he's ready to move on and start helping people. I've also moved on. I've started thinking about the midterms. Chet won in this Republican-heavy district because the Wohlgemonster was such a horrible candidate. Next time, they might have someone better with more money and more backing. That's less than two years away. I'm also thinking about talking someone into running for the State Senate seat currently held by hack Kip Averitt. The point is this, all politics are local. Start working on state and congressional races now. Learn all you can about running a campaign and get your friends to run for races. Hell, run for a seat yourself, if you can. The establishment is going to change now, so hopefully soon, we will have new party leadership that is not afraid of doing things differently. After all, doing things the same way means we lose. Don't worry so much about Bush the man, anymore. It's not about him at this point, but about changing the way people view government. Do they really want these crazy people holding office and deciding what the majority of the people in this country did not vote for? I don't think so. We have to have an overall party message to counteract what the Republicans have been saying for 30 years. We have to be appealling to the largest possible group of people, but still keep our base of supporters interested. We have to be the party of change; glorious change. change to make life better, not just not Republicans. And we have to get cracking.


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