Monday, November 22, 2004

Surprise, surprise

According to Yahoo News, the Iraq elections may be postponed. Citing violence and boycotts and the ongoing insurgency, many Arab leaders feel that Iraq will not be able to have the elections on January 30th. Considering the fact that the major infrasctructure work to hold elections and the lack of security are still problems that have to be dealt with, I wouldn't be surprised if they were postponed. I agree with Rumsfeld when he says that elections in 80% of the country is good enough. It's quite a good start if you can get that many people to the polls in a country that hasn't had a free election before. But even that is an unrealistic goal at this point. With the violence going on in the Sunni Triangle, most of the larger cities will not be stable enough for high turnout and the rural areas are not prepared yet for elections. Postponement may be the best option right now. Long term, though, Iraq is not ever going to be stable as long as the insurgency is active. And they will be active as long as we are there and we will stay there to stop the insurgency and stabilize the country. The very definition of a quagmire. Grudgingly tips hat to Drudge.


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