Sunday, November 28, 2004

Taken with a grain of salt

According to the British press, Rumsfeld's job is at stake. I'm sure the Brits know what they're doing media-wise, but I just don't believe it. Just like a year ago when it was common knowledge that Cheney's place on the ticket was up for grabs, Rumsfeld is in no real danger. How do I know? Because it's not the right time. The right time would have benn during the campaign when it was politically advantageous. It would have looked like he was serious about changing things when they needed changing, similarly to Tenet leaving. But they took the tack of 'We're winning in Iraq' so they stuck with everybody in Defense. Firing him now would be an admission of defeat. It would be admitting they are wrong, and this bunch would rather plunge us into a third world war with a billion angry Muslims before admitting a mistake. You'll see a lot more lower-level managers leave before anybody involved with the "planning" of this war go.


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