Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thank God, somebody else gets it

More on the possible chairmanship of DNC at dailyKos. I do have to say a Dean/Rosenberg team is a winning combination and I would support that whole-heartedly. That is a party I could throw my money at (all $3.78 of it). I'm more thrilled by this bit of commentary from Kos, though.

Here's my take: we need someone who isn't part of the status quo. If we get another party insider, we'll get more of the same: losing.

Take out Clinton from the equation, and we haven't had any real electoral success at the federal level in over a generation. Is Dean the answer? Who knows, but what do we have to lose? It's not as if the current crew have any clue about winning.

And this crap about being a "moderate" party is just that -- crap. We got the independent voters this time. Didn't mean shit. We still lost. The Republicans learned this years ago. It's about time we learn the lesson. This doesn't mean becoming the party of Dennis Kucinich. It means becoming the party of Democrats, unafraid to stand for something other than Republican-lite.
Thank God. I was starting to think I was the only one at that particular party. A Dean/Rosenberg leadership axis is a start. I definitely wouldn't mind if Kos was some kind of political director, either. I'm definitely going to do my part to get my voice heard above the din and get us some victories.


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