Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tuesday's with Tucker Carlson: Election Day!!

I make fun of Tucker all the time because I think he is a hack, but I've seen an evolution in his public stance over the last few weeks. He seems resigned to the fact that Kerry has the momentum and that Bush just failed miserably in the debates. He may keep lying to us, but he can no longer lie to himself. So, we get this commentary from him Friday night:

This Tuesday, I'm not voting for John Kerry. I don't want him to be president. But I'd rather see Kerry in the White House than live through another disputed election. So let's hope that if Kerry wins, he wins big. America could use a landslide.
That's about as big an endorsement you can get from the Bow Tie Boy Brigade. During the Plus 2 segment, David Frum, who is an even bigger hack than Tucker argued that Bush will pull it out in the end. He also has some interesting views on the al Qaqaa incident, like it never happened. I guess those hardcore conservatives are still vacationing in Fantasyland, maybe even shopping for real estate:
Frum: Because it's complicated to explain on the stump, the story is a hoax from beginning to end. Minton Beddoes: Wait a minute. We do know that some of this stuff was there after the military got there. And it's not there any longer. To say that the whole thing -- It's total nonsense. Wait a second. Frum: We do not know that the military destroyed because what we don't know is whether we have an accounting problem. In which case -- Which is we don't know what book the destruction of these weapons was entered into or whether we actually have 380 tons of dangerous stuff on the loose. Minton Beddoes: What I think we have clearly is crass incompetence, this was an administration that went into Iraq ostensibly to make the world safer torques get rid of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. Whatever happened to these weapons quite clearly did not have securing weapons anywhere near them. They didn't have enough people to do that. The notion that this is a display of competence is absolute -- -- Let me finish. That's point one. Point two, what we have seen this week is an administration that is manifestly incapable of admitting a mistake. You may be right on certain parts of the story. I think the timing of it is suspicious. That's certainly debatable there. But the administration did not come out -- It's tried to find scapegoats. The story didn't happen. It hasn't stood up and said we may have made a mistake. Frum: Because they may not have. I think the thing the story's striking because it cuts into Senator Kerry's storyline. His line was, this is the wrong war, wrong time. We had no problems here. The United Nations was not contending with. Now he's saying, this was a country with hundreds of thousands of tons of dangerous munitions. Some of which like the stuff we are talking about now, can be used to make -- Start a nuclear reaction. Why wasn't something done about that?
The point is, though, Tucker is sure Bush is going to lose and he probably sees it as the death of his own conservative movement. The entire conservative base has been squeezed dry and if Bush can't win, it proves that Republicans really aren't the majority, they just hold a majority of the offices. It won't be long after that that won't be true either.


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