Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tuesday's with Tucker Carlson: If Tucker were a gay, bald man

If Bow Tie Boy were gay and bald, he might look and act like Andrew Sullivan (pretty good seque, eh?). Which brings us to Andy and his grabass-stic performance on Real Time with Bill Maher's season finale. Andrew seemed reasonably sane through the beginning of the show, until Bill interviewed Noam Chomsky. Sullivan went apo-friggin'-pleptic after the short segment. Going on and on about hating America and pointing to "millions" that Chomsky makes for his speaking fees he just went nuts. It was a little weird to watch the interview and then watch Andy take everything out of context and start shouting "and frankly that's why you deserved to lose the eelction." To which Maher pointed out "You voted for Kerry. You lost the election, too." Then, during the New Rules segment, the camera kept finding Andy and his very, very loud laughter. I mean it was really eerie. But not as eerie as when the credits began to roll, and, in front of the audience and cameras, he began to massage his butt. And he kept massaging his butt for an eternity. Luckily, we have video to see the freakiness for yourself (Don't you just love this new fangled internets?).


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