Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Voter fraud? Really, you think?

Many of us in the blogosphere got rather shrill over the past few months warning everyone about the dangers of Diebold and pointing to all these GOP plots to carry out mass, organized voter fraud. But most people didn't listen. And then we didn't listen. Most bloggers, including Atrios, were really tired of hearing about it and spent the last week talking about other things, including what we're going to do now. But, there is too much smoke coming from that little corner and now serious reorters have written about strage inconsistencies in the vote tabulation in Ohio and Florida. Keith Olberman has gone so far as to devote a show to it. You can read some his thoughts at Bloggerman, and David Shuster has followed suit on Hardblogger. You can also find a list of different stories here.


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