Friday, November 12, 2004

'We don't need no education'

Oh happy day, Rod Paige is leaving, too! I can't stand that guy. CNN doesn't mention it, but Paige was selected to be Education Secretary because he was superintendent of the Houston area when the "Texas Miracle" happened. So he was picked to make every other school just like Houston with No Child Left Behind. It turns out, though, that Houston was a fraud. Students had been intentionally left off rolls to artificially augment the school district's performance numbers while W was governor. So now, we have a national education law that is based on "cooking the books" and we are full-steam ahead on it. With Paige gone, hopefully the Republicans won't screw around with education anymore. Any group of people that seriously wants Bible study to be part of an earth science curriculum doesn't need to be telling kids a damn thing.


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