Wednesday, November 24, 2004

We're going to a barn raising

Kevin Drum wrote in Political Animal about his unfavorable views involving guru George Lakoff. By now you know I'm a George Lakoff fan because I like a lot of things he says. I've only read part of his book Don't Think of an Elephant so I'm not an expert on what he expunges. I believe that Lakoff is right when he says we need to frame the issues to better our chances in the debate, but I also think Kevin is right when he says that Lakoff doesn't know how to do that. I think of Lakoff as a jumping off point. He knows what not to do, it's going to be up to the rest of us Dems to try out new phrases and strategies. Trial and error is the only way we are going to figure this stuff out. We are going to have to run campaigns and try new things and lose then try again. We already know that what we are doing now doesn't work. We need new guys in the leadership and new guys to work the campaigns and new ideas. I'm framing htis issue so that you know we need new ideas and a change in direction. When Lakoff says "don't think of an elephant," I'm going ot think of an elephant. Then I'm going to think of a way to beat that elephant, and then I'm going to beat that elephant.


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