Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What once was lost now is found

Ive spent the better part of the day just trying to work through all these emotions. I'm not a particularly emotional person, I tend to work through my problems intellectually or with some form of humor. But today required just feeling. I just got back from getting my frappuccino. The clerk and I started talking about the election. He was a Kerry supporter and he's hispannic. He said somethig that renewed my faith, he said "Kerry was the Democrat. He was for all the lowly people. Bush is for the rich people." A simple, elegant position that somehow Bob Shrum failed to seize on. Democrats are the party of the downtrodden, the poor, the minority. We could win if we just got all of them to vote for us together, and they would if they all got this message. I also finally went to Wonkette. Go there. Now. I'll wait. Somehow four more years of the Bush daughters doesn't seem that bad, does it? So now my faith in America and democracy is restored. It didn't take too long. But now is the time to stop feeling and start thinking: How are we going to win so we can fix the problems that the Republicans have caused and will undoubtedly cause. The next next election is less than four years away. I'll be back Friday with a preliminary list of things to do to win.


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