Monday, November 29, 2004

What the problem is

According to Burnt Orange Report, Heflin has asked for a recount and he's going to get it. He lost to Vo by a slim margin (more on that in a minute) and I suppose he's got a right, though I don't see how he's going ot win in the recount. And he's filed a contest in the Texas House as well. So, if he loses the recount, which he will, he'll ask Republicans to seat a Democrat and then hold a special election, which he won't win, to try again. And his attorney, a friend of Tom Delay oddly enough, is still screaming about Democrats stealing the election. Well:

The votes were counted by a Republican, there were a dozen Republican operatives overseeing the process alongside her, Tom DeLay's favorite attorney (and Heflin's counsel in this case) Andy Taylor was looking over her shoulder as well and several members of the news media were keeping an eye on the process. So 14 tough, DeLay friendly Republicans decided to steal an election for a Democrat over a longtime Craddick/DeLay ally? Unlikely. Now the fear is that the elections supervisors will cherry pick the boxes to recount- looking just in heavily Vo boxes. This is wrong- if they want to recount the vote, fine. But they should count EVERY vote and see why it is that Vo's victory margin went from 110 votes to 31 votes in the middle of the night when the election supervisor had already gone home. The process raised the eyebrows of even Republican Secretary of State Geoff Connor to the point he had to admonish the elections workers in Houston. So if anybody is guilty of some dirty dealings, it would have to be the GOP.
You guys know I'm all about counting every vote, and that's exactly why Heflin won't win either way. Unless they commit voter fraud and everyone's eyes are on them. If they have the balls to try when there are no other elections to keep our attention, then they might just deserve the seats. Until they get caught; then they deserve prison.


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