Monday, November 08, 2004

Why Democrats don't need the South Part 2: The liberals' revenge

It's probably because we're still a little piqued at last week's election, but I and my blogger bretheren have been questioning the integrity of the South. Which leads us to the Civil War. I'm not kidding. This Hullabaloo post goes into great detail about the stresses that caused the Civil war (you know, the real ones we didn't talk about in History class). It all boils down to the South having an inferiority complex from shame that they spent 30 years tying to justify slavery, to understanding they have an inferior education system, maybe even guilt that they seceded from the Union. I think that goes a long way to explaining some of the positions of the GOP, which is the dominate party in the South. They tried to destroy our country in the Civil War, so now they are uber-patriotic. They tried to justify slavery so now they are all about religiosity and "moral values." They have a shitty education system that teaches creationism in science class so they call Democrats the "elite" for going to college and using logic and reason. It all starts to make sense. There is obviously a lot more to it, including why it is the South backs itself into these corners to begin with. But, then again, I'm a liberal elitist and logic just doesn't seem to work with these people. If you read the earlier post, you know I'm a lifelong Texan, so I feel totally justified in pointing out how stupid Southerners really are since I see them all the time. First hand experience and all that.


At 8:59 AM, Blogger Christian said...

Your ignorance is how the Democrats lost the South. Listen to say the South should be more open-minded and are just uneducated and religious...but that right there is being close-minded. Of course you attack the South because they didn't vote for Kerry. Oh and they are stupid? I live in New Jersey, Liberal-Country, and there are plenty of Liberals here who don't even know what health care is and who couldn't point to Iraq on a map and voted for Kerry. All there is here is an Anti- Bush sentiment and very little Pro-Kerry, and THAT is why you lost the election. You can't push a campaign on hate. When will you guys ever learn?


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