Monday, November 08, 2004

Why Democrats don't need the South

Granted I live in the South. I've been a native Texan all my life. I love where I live (for the most part) and I feel a real connection to this state. But the South is full of fucking whackos. You have to wonder about the sanity of any given region where these five would be elected to the US Senate. In fact, the only person on this list who is not a southerner is Thune, who was elected in South Dakota using Southern Strategy racist techniques. And Coburn, how can a man who was found guilty of sterilizing a woman against her will be elected by any other state than Oklahoma. What has Oklahoma ever given us besides nutjobs like Coburn? No, it's about time Democrats gave up the ghost and let the electorally and population-wise insignificant South go to the Republicans while we all move to battleground states like Ohio and maybe Florida. We'll also move to emerging purple states like New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. We'll just cement our base in the industrial Midwest and Great Lakes areas and keep control of the White House. We can leave the South to the GOP and they can drink their special kool-aid and do their own thing while the rest of America moves forward. They'll become a solid minority party and bitch about how unfair and out of touch with the "Real America" of Mississippi and Alabama and the God-forsaken wasteland that is Oklahoma. The Heartland takes in more federal aid than Blue states, so we'll just cut off the money and let them screw themselves. Fuck the South! Who's with me?


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Zuleika said...

i'm with you. although politics may seem out of a 16 year old's realm. i really have a strong position in this: get rid of all the complainers who just suck OUR money.


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