Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Why I think John Kerry should be president

Everyone else has given an endorsement, so I thought I shoudl as well. Especially since so many of my Republican friends (yes I have Republican friends) as me "Why are you voting for Kerry?" I mean I was one of those liberal Democrats who endorsed Howard Dean. That's how I got started blogging and became an online party activist-type. So, does that mean I'm just voting against Bush? And isn't that a bad way to pick a president? No and no. First and foremost, what you should look at the incumbent's record. If it is a pitiful record (and Bush's is) then he does not deserve re-election. Period. But, I'm not voting just because I don't like Bush. I'm voting because I like John Kerry. I wrote this on the night of the Iowa Caucuses:

And the winner is...John Kerry? The man who Ben Stein referred to as "left-leaning Massachusetts liberal" has won nearly 40% of a Midwest states registered Democrats to his view of politics as they ought to be. Out of the lot, Kerry does look the most presidential, which does count (ask Nixon after his televised debates with Kennedy). But is he the one to use his momentum to win the nomination and consolidate all the factions of the Democratic Party to win the White House? The latest polls do have a heated race between Dean, Clark and Kerry in New Hampshire. One thing that I find interesting is that two of the front-runners are Vietnam veterans. Clark managed to make a career out of his military experience and Kerry was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and three Puple Hearts. Michael Moore, In backing Gen. Clark, has mused how interesting would a presidential debate be between a General and draft dodger. With Kerry getting the nod, the war hero might just be the one to call into question Bush's military service.
Somehow that post was more prescient than I ever could have realized. But the point is that Kerry has worked hard these past 30 years to protect this country. It was Kerry that held hearings on the BCCI banking scandal that was funding terrorists in the 80s. It was Kerry who helped John McCain get the POWs accounted for in the 80s. It was Kerry who was chosen by the people. I honestly don't think anyone else could have taken the dirt that has come from Bush and gang this election. A lesser man would have lost it completely. Somehow Kerry has managed to keep his humor and keep his chin up and follow through. He is someone to be admired and emulated. That's it folks. My endorsement is for John Kerry. Vote against Bush, but vote for the man who has the courage to step up to the plate and offer to help lead us through troubled waters (swift boat pun intended). Vote for John Kerry.


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