Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wow, that's kinda pathetic

Apparently three Republicans who lost seats in this year's election for the Texas House are going to file challenges. Heflin, Opiela and Mercer all lost in close elections in districts that are increasingly becoming Democratic again. In the 149, Heflin lost to Vo by 42 votes. Without W on the ballot, I don't think any of these guys could win a fair election and that's the best they can hope for if they win their challenges. The way Texas law works, the winners can be certified and be put in their seats and then the governor would call for a special election in their three districts. Or, the guys who lost a job that only pays $8,000 a year anyway could accept it. Like I said, if they get a special election, they have to get out the vote in December without a Bush on the top of the ticket. And they aren't fighting for a balance of power, the Republicans still have the majority no matter what. It's not even close. So their filing challenges is really just a lot of whining because they didn't get what they want. And the accusations that Democrats stole the seats is just low. I can make that claim about the GOP because I have evidence. I have the caging lists of Democrats in minority communities in Florida that were to be challenged. I have the records of the e-voting machines that listed thousands of extra votes for George W. Bush in counties that only had hundreds of registered voters. I have photo copies of fliers in black neighborhoods that tell them if they've got parking tickets or unpaid bills they can't vote. Heflin's got nothing other than the fact it's what he would do. Hat tip to the guys at Burnt Orange.


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