Tuesday, November 09, 2004

You're Democrats damn it!

I like this Hullabaloo post because it points out several of the flaws in the theory that we need to 'move to the right' on issues to win more voters. Do these people not understand? We're Democrats, we don't move to the right because we aren't from the right. We're left-of-center. If people want right-wing policies, they vote Republican. They are not going to vote for GOP-lite. Frankly I'm tired of this appeaser attitude in our party. We are the friggin' opposition party, let's, I don't know, try opposing the Republicans on something. We should be fillibustering every damn day for the next four years in the Senate. Ask John Kerry to get up and just start talking when the next Supreme Court nomination comes up. Trust me, he'll do it. It's gonna be awfully hard to energize our base in four years if we're trying to make conservative evangelicals in the South happy.


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