Thursday, November 18, 2004

You've got to be shitting me

This is exactly why so many liberals thought about moving ot Canada, because some people are so freakin' stupid it literally scares us out of the country. In my own home state of Texas, a tiny East Texas school district has an annual Homecoming tradition called TWIRP - The Woman Is Requested to Pay - which is sort like a Sadie Hawkins Day thing. The boys where girls' clothes, the girls where boys' clothes and everybody switches social roles. One mother felt that an official "cross-dressing day" was too "homosexual" and didn't want her kids (or anyone else's kids for that matter) to participate. So instead:

As a substitute for "TWIRP Day," the schools ranging from elementary to senior high decided to hold "Camo Day" -- with black boots and Army camouflage to be worn by everyone who wants to participate.
You know, if I was a liberal reactionary, I might think that encouraging kids to wear camo gear might promote violence. You know, guns and war and all of that. Lucky for you I'm going to let it slide without mentioning anything (oops). This kind of event, I think, promotes an understanding that both genders are equal, because boys learn that girls can be responsible and do the things men are "supposed" to do and girls learn about men being more feminine, which is totally OK. Most of all, it's just alot of kids having a lot of fun. But because some mom is too stupid to understand that her son wearing a dress for a day is just for laughs and that he is not "turning gay", everyone has to suffer. I am getting so tired of conservatives' bullshit and ignorance. I just don't get it. Are these the same people that still tell their 16 year-olds that babies come from the stork and that masturbating gives you hairy palms and makes you go blind? What the fuck? I'm as egalitarian as the next man, and I believe fully in democracy. But democracy is predicated on citizens being informed and reasonable, not on willful stupidity. I think we should seriusly think about removing the right to vote from people who, despite all the medical evidence to the contrary, worry that homosexuality is a disease that their kids can catch from other homosexuals. While we're at it, if you still believe the Earth is at the center of the universe, you don't get to vote. If you believe dinosaur fossils are just a trick of the devil to fool us, you don't get to vote. If you see a bumper sticker on a car that reads "I Hate Fags and Jews. Vote Coburn" and say "Yes. Yes I will," you don't get to vote. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


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