Friday, December 17, 2004

Addicted to blogging

For some one who is addicted to blogging, I certainly don't do enough of it. I only manage to get a few posts done a day, whether for my own blog or for BOR. Part of it is my fucked up sleep schedule which involves being up all night and sleeping all day. And the other part involves days off. On my days off, I have almost zero computer contact. At home, I have to share the computer. That means mom is on until midnight chatting with all her Yahoo! buddies in Australia. If I'm not at home, then I'm not near a computer. When that happens, all the CNN in the world won't put me back in the loop. I need the Internet to feel connected to the world and to know what the hell is going on. Television is just too slow. I'm dying to get a laptop with wireless Internet. No matter where I was or what else I was doing, I could be logged on and blogging. That would be so freakin' sweet. I maybe wouldn't feel like I was so behind in my work then. I could post whenever instead of just waiting for hours to get a chance to write about something that occurred to me a day ago.


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