Friday, December 03, 2004

Can't get it out of my head

The other day I used the word anachronism incorrectly. My co-worker was very quick to tpoint it out, mostly because he's a dick, but he was right. But now I can't get Anachreon out of my head. He was a Greek poet and a pub was named after him in 17th Century England. A bunch of Brits got together there occassionally to get drunk sing songs and writer poetry of their own. And sometimes talk about the inherant rights of man. An auspicious birth for the Englightenment. Fast forward to the American Revolution. Many of the ideas of the Englightenment are used as justification (and I mean that in the good way) for the Revolution. I know this because Jefferson almost plagiarized John Locke when writing the Declaration of Independence. Flash forward a little more to the second Revolutinary War, the war of 1812. The tune of the drinking song from the British pub a century before was used for Francis scott Keyes's poem "The Star Spangled Banner." A British drinking song honoring an obscure Greek poet becomes the National Anthem of the world's oldest functioning democracy to break away from the British empire. I've mentioned all of this to 1) show off my impressive knowledge of history. I could kick KenJen's ass, 2)because I believe that is what happened and this is an instance where I would love for someone to criticize me, 3) to find out the name of the damn Anachronon song. I don't want to Google it, because I know that I already know, it's just a matter of remembering it and the proper chord will strike and I'll just start singing it uncontrollably. This is one of those weird links in history that most people don't. But the irony is really funny and it's a fun fact to know. UPDATE: Joseph Abbott totally ruined it for me. He reminded me that the poet was Anachreon not Anachronon, and that the song was "To Anachreon in Heaven." Still good to know, though.


At 2:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, thought I was an asshole, not a dick. Anyway, what would you do without a dick in your life?


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