Saturday, December 04, 2004

Going overboard just a tad

I'm as upset as most sports fans about the admission by Jason Giambi and others about the use of steroids and other performance enhancing products in baseball. Everyone knows that I'm not exactly a big fan, but I'm still a sports fan and I still follow the game, mostly. But I don't quite see what Sen. John McCain can do about it. The Washington Post has an article today where McCain says he will use his office to get stricter drug testing standards in the MLB. I'm not sure, but I think there might be few things more important for the Senate to be considering than drug use by professional baseball players. After all, there might be institutional use of torture by the armed services in our current war in Iraq; I'm sure that he can spare a minute for that. No, I think Sen. McCain is playing politics. He's getting all upset over something that the Senate has very little control over so he can show off his conservative credentials to the family values crowd. With his name in the headlines, people will forget about Bill Frist who is the ranking Republican of the Senate, and who is also going to mount a run in '08 for the presidency. Why else would Frist have given that amazingly, stunningly bizarre speech at the RNC where he reminded everyone he was a doctor 27 times in paragraph. Five bucks says his campaign slogan is "The Doctor is In" or "Heal the Wounds, vote Frist" or something like that. No, they are both going for the Republican nomination and this is McCain getting his name out there again and showing Frist who the front-runner is.


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