Saturday, December 04, 2004

Good morning everyone

I know it's 3 in the afternoon, but that is morning to a night person like me. Too bad Burger King doesn't see it my way because I could go for some sausage biscuits right now. Things are going well with the cable modem, so I started surfin' the blogs to see what I could see. Rude Pundit is apparently weary of the whacked out Christ the religious right has been exhorting. I think he would rather pray to the Jesus in, what's that book, oh yeah, the Bible. You know, long hair, a beard, wears sandals and talks about loving everybody. That hippie.

The Rude Pundit has said before that the Christ in the Bible is a liberal who invites us all to party on in a socialist heaven. That is a dude the Rude Pundit would like to break bread and fish with while suckin' down wine-from-water. That, however, is not the Christ who has been shoved in our faces by the evangelical right. They want Rambo Jesus, kickin' ass, a warring motherfucker who shows fags and secularists they better love the Lord or they're gettin' drop kicked into the fiery bowels of hell. Or voted out of office.
Oh yes, I'm sure Jerry Falwell is right and Jesus hates fags. I mean, why else would He have made people homosexual if not to hate them for being homosexual? I'm on the same page. I can't really believe that Jesus Christ is Bush's favorite philosopher when he totally abandons his teachings and reasoning. Those types seem to just put their own hatred and prejudice onto a historical person and bullshit their way through Sunday School. Well, I won't have it. I don't like bigots trying to usurp my personal lord and savior's teachings to hurt God's children. I might have to come up with a Sunday's with James Dobson regular column to point out his hypocrisy and total stupidity. I'll come up with something, Goddamnit.


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