Sunday, December 05, 2004

Good news/bad news

I've got some really good news. First off, Texas passed Cal in the BCS rankings, so they are going to the Rose Bowl. Wheheww! And second, I'm a Guest Contributor for Burnt Orange Report, now. In fact, my first post on BOR was about the Longhorns breakin' through to the other side. Here comes the bad news: Byron has me and a few others doing guest posts because they have exams and whatnot the next few weeks. So, posting here may be sporadic just because I won't want to write the exact same post here after I've done it there. So, you might want to just come here and click the blogroll link on the right for to keep up with the latest. I'll still post on here, just not as often. It will only be until Winter Break starts at UT, unless Byron likes what he sees. Then, I might be lucky enough to get a gig writing for BOR regularly. Who knows, but's that's in the future.


At 7:59 PM, Blogger siscee said...

Hey Nate. This is you Aunt CeeCee. Yeah you did say something positive about Bush. Thanks. I don't even like the man. Go for it and tell it like it is. But you do piss me off sometimes. I would like you to say more positive things. But that is politics. Even though I disagree with you on some things, I respect your opinion. I am not that much political. I believe you will go far in your life. At least you do tell it like it is. I have one piece of advice for you.......When you have been drinking ....... don't blog!


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