Sunday, December 19, 2004

I'm down, yo

Before I left to go eat lunch with my mom today, I saw a special on VH1 about Britney Spears. I swear to God, I was just flipping through when a small bit caught my attention. Some girl was talking about how Britney hurt her knee and had to cancel her tour. It happened while she filming a video with Snoop Dogg (my choice for the Democratic nominee in 2008). I'm not going to even try to give you an exact quote, but basically thi slady said Britney was "keeping it real" because she was wearing a basketball jersey and a cap turned sideways. She looked "gangsta". Then this very strange lady said Snoop was all "Frashizzled" and things were going well until Britney collapsed complaining about pain in her knee. I think it's time us cool people started using different words. I know I'm one of the cool people because I got a pair of kick-ass red Chuck Taylor All-Stars today. And anytime someone describes miss fru-fru as gangasta, you know it's lost its meaning. The only way she could keep it real is if she had herself dipped in molten gold then had diamonds sprinkled on her as she hardened. Keeping it real is supposed to be about keeping it real, not wearing a costume for your pop music video with an appearance by Snoop Dogg who just wants some weed money. Damn.


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