Friday, December 03, 2004

Lazy Fridays

I need to get a guest blogger or something so that you guys always have fresh content on weekends. Obviously, the movie review blog is not up. It's not quite finished yet and I slept all day, so it will be later. In my defense, the cable modem was busted, so there really was no reason to be up today. I mean the Time Warner guy didn't even come by until after 6 p.m. I hate computers. Except for the fact that without them I feel totally isolated from the rest of the world. If only there were some way to do this blog without computers and/or Microsoft. Hmmmm? I just got to work, and it promises to be a busy night, so I'm doubting there will be any posting tonight until well after midnight. It's Friday and mom has to Yahoo chat with her friend in Australia. I really need my own laptop. And when I get it, it will only be a matter of time until Operation Monkey Steals the Peach. Muahhahhhahahahahahaha (more evil genius laughter, but pay no attention to that). All my friends on the other side of the world will be up and at 'em in time to read my crazy ideas about free health care and college for all the citizens of a democracy. Oh Nate, what will you think of next? So check back later.


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