Thursday, December 02, 2004

Once again

Once again, I have not gotten nearly as much done as I'd wanted to today. The movie review is in draft form, but probably won't be done until sometime in the morning. I just want to take a moment to talk about war. Almost a year ago, I wrote a piece on this blog about my own aversion to war. I'm a pacifist, but I can see that some wars are unavoidable because it is between two groups of people and sometimes, one group just wants to fight. That's a reality. But what if both both groups want war? That seems to be the case to me when it comes to the war on terrorism. We have an administration whose only recourse to solving a problem is to declare war on it, and we have a fanatically religious group of faux-Muslims who want jihad to rid the world of us, though they don't mind using the Internet we created or the wonderful electronic stuff we've come up with to do it. That to me seems wrong. I've seen it posted elsewhere that liberals need to get on board with the war on terror. There are humanitarian reasons to fight this fight and liberals are the ones who know about humanitarian stuff. There are causes worth dying for, and freedom is one of them. But I don't see why anyone had to die in the first place when it comes to the war in Iraq. If you add those two views (because Iraq and Terrorism have almost nothing to do with each other) I can't see why American soldiers should die in Iraq and help to further the cause of wo groups of people who only want to fight. And that's not very humanitarian. If a Nazi-like regime rears its head I'd be screaming to kill it before it gets worse. But that's not happening here. A relatively small group of terrorists are breaking international law and killing innocent people. They should be hunted down, preferåbly with a well-equipped independent CIA and FBI who share information, and be punished to the fullest exent of the law, any law. When the first World Trade Center bombing took place, we ended up with FBI agents in Pakistan to recover one suspect who is now rotting in jail in upstate New York. That worked great. Why can't we do that? The only thing that really changed on Sept. 11 was the scope of the attack, not the people or the reasons. What's happened is that the administration has taken a horrible tragedy and used it as a catch-all rationale for everything we do. Sept. 11 changed everything, and nothing. It has been so overused and abused as to be a means of mocking Bush for how many times he utters it in any given speech. That's disgraceful. For them, those 3,000 dead people are an excuse to do things they were going to do anyway, it's just that now they can get away with it. I'm sure you can probably sense the anger in my voice. It pisses me off that a seminal American tragedy is a drinking game and that no one has to take responsibility for anything they have screwed up. The Bush administration will never admit the mistakes that they have made and it will be very hard to forgive any of them for that. Most of this was me trying to reconcile my feelings over the deaths of so many innocent people and my pragmatic view of the world, which says that this war is real and ongoing despite my wish that it wasn't. Comments are always appreciated.


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