Wednesday, December 01, 2004

An original idea

The Pentagon has decided to expand the number of troops in Iraq by 12,000 to help secure the country for the January elections. That will bring the total number to about 150,000. I say that's an original idea, but it's a sarcastic remark. We tried expanding troops before, in Vietnam. It didn't help; it only escalated the conflict and brought more American deaths. So I'm not sure how I feel about this. Will it make a difference? Will it bring sudden victory and peace? Somehow, I feel the answer is no in both cases. It brings up an interesting conundrum for me. If we had gone in with a large overwhelming force to begin with, would we have fully conquered the country? And with that victory, would most Americans now support the war? I have to believe that most people would be applauding Bush right now, and I have to believe I would still be opposed to it. As it stands now, America has to pay for Bush's hubris. The Iraqis have to pay for Bush's hubris. Bush hasn't had to give up a damn thing and he still is clueless. Whether or not there are elections, whether there is ever peace, or whether no more Americans die, it will never have been the right decision. Launching the war and telling other people in the room "Feels good" is just a sign of that hubris. No American should ever have died for Bush. There is always another way.


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